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Kieran O’Reilly is founder and clinical Director of Absolute Physiotherapy. Offering Physiotherapy treatments for a wide range of conditions and injuries.


Kieran O’Reilly Physiotherapist to the Dublin Senior Football team and the Irish International Cricket team is working alongside us at Bodyfirm giving us an integrated system for injury diagnosis, treatment and a full Rehabilitation program. Giving the public access to the opportunities previously only available to professional athletes.

Visit the Absolute Physiotherapy website by clicking the button here. Or call 016856828 for appointments.

“There are huge benefits of Pilates, for Elite Athletes and Sports people of all levels. Pilates can be tailored to the levels and abilities of each individual. It can help with postural issues and muscle imbalance. We can use it as an injury prevention or a recovery tool. Pilates gives us the ability to target stability and flexibility, balance and coordination. It can be utilised by the early stage Rehab clients right through to late stage rehab and as prehab (prehabilitation) in the healthy population. I recommend Pilates to my clients from the weekend warrior to the sedentary back pain patients to the elite sports person.”

Kieran O'Reilly



Due to covid19 the studio is currently closed, but you can still enjoy our classes online via the app Zoom.

Book Now via our Class Schedule page or see our online offers on the Pricing page.

Free Pilates for kids via zoom 9.15am Wednesdays starting on 8th April.
For kids under 12 but parents welcome to join in!
Book online via the website or mindbody app.
Download zoom in advance and I'll send you a link before the class.
20 minute session.