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Veronika Eckel

Veronika graduated in Business Administration in Berlin, Germany in 2005. Shortly after finishing her studies she moved to Ireland and began to work in Financial Services. It was during this time that she re-discovered her love for movement by practicing Yoga and Pilates.

As a former competing gymnast, working out and taking care of her body and mind was always a big part of her life. Pilates reminds Veronika of her beloved gymnastics as it requires a strong mind, focus, discipline and a tendency toward detail and perfection. Her love for movement grew stronger over the years and in 2014, Veronika resigned from her corporate job and since then devotes her career to the Pilates Method.

Veronika successfully obtained her first certification in advanced Mat work with the National Training Centre in 2013. This qualification enabled her to teach Mat classes and pre-natal classes incorporating the use of small props. Her drive to understand the human body and its ability to move led her to study the full Pilates repertoire with Balanced Body. Veronika enrolled in the intensive mentorship programme under the tutelage of Master teacher Sarah MacLachlann and completed all modules for both Mat and Apparatus Pilates in 2015.

In her spare time Veronika loves to take to the floor. She spends much time at the local tango clubs or heads out to the mountains and enjoys a long hike.
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