Mat Teacher Training

Educate in the most PROGRESSIVE Pilates system available

With the Pilates Classical repertoire at its core the PROGRESSIVE Pilates Academy has developed the most Functional and Daily Adaptive Pilates workouts available in the market place today.

Nowhere else will you find the education, the tools and the inspiration you need to have an amazing and fulfilling Pilates and Functional Movement career. Every year we aim to bring you education, experience and inspiration to aid you in continuing to build a rewarding and life-changing career!

It is our hope you will join us this year for an even more evolved and extended program that will truly transform and inspire you.

Ignite your passion for encouraging positive change with your clients

Stay on top of the trends, move your business to the next level

Learn from the passionate, recognized SME’s [subject matter experts],

Network with like-minded peers

“We educate with Passion & Purpose”

Modular education

Next dates Level I/II 10th, 11th & 12th November 2017!

Learn form and function with our Level 1 courses and when ready ‘bolt on’ the Technical Workshop that suits your requirements next.


Example ‘bolt on’ workshops / specialist courses

Women’s health:                               Pre/Post Natal Coach

Wellness:                                                Spine Care Coach

Special Populations:    Pilates for Kidz

Age Fit Function – functional fitness 50’s plus



The PROGRESSIVE Pilates Academy [PPA] the first of its kind in Ireland was founded and opened in Dublin 1998. The PPA is recognized as being a leader in Mind Body Functional Education with a reputation for excellence both nationally and internationally.

The PPA is a REPs and YMCA accredited training provider.

Our courses both Reformer and Mat are based on the principles of a solid foundation, structure and technique leading to confidence to lead a dynamic, fun and stand-out Group X class.



Two paths for endless possibilities Our educational foundation is firmly based in the Classical Repertoire but is strongly supported by evolved Functional Movement Science, thus providing the most PROGRESSIVE approach to the Pilates Matwork System [masters such as but not exclusive too Robert Schleip, Thomas Myers, Aline Newton, Kelly Starette, Judith Aston, Gary Gray, Gray Cook and Pete Egoscue.]


Learn Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  • Pilates History
  • Anatomical principles of Lumbar Pelvic Hip Complex
  • Kinaesthetic Awareness
  • Core Somatic Principles
  • Application of Functional Movement Science
  • Pilates Level I/II/III Classical Repertoire
  • Pilates Level I/II//III Contemporary Repertoire
  • Group X planning / voice dynamic and tempo control



The PPA course structure is based on 80% and 20% lecture attendance to all the practical contact days is essential. Our focus is on the KSA’s required to develop you into the best Pilates Professional you can be, it is essential that you be committed and focused.



The Assessment in our Mat courses include the following

  • Personal Practical
  • Teaching Practical
  • Written paper
  • Class plans
  • Movement worksheets



The PPA faculty is led by two of the most respected and experienced Master Coach/Trainers in the country

Principle Master Coach & Education Director Joyce Gavin is credited with bringing the Pilates System to Ireland, opening the first every fully equipped Studio and Academy in the 90’s

Joyce is author of the international best seller ‘The Book of Pilates along with 3 other Pilates publications –

Emma McCarthy Master Trainer & Special Populations Program Director – is a Pilates Instructor and Educator for over 10 years. Emma is a full member of the British Association of Rehabilitators & Trainers (BASRaT). Emma co developed and authored the ‘Pink Bow’ Pilates System for Breast Cancer Survivors.


Matwork Level I/II

Working the PPA way experience the foundation in this amazing and wonderful Pilates System. Upright, prone, supine, transverse learn to utilize the wealth of multiplanar movement involved once blending the classical with the functional and contemporary. The PROGRESSIVE Pilates System is the most amazing 360 degree workout you could ever imagine

Learn Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  • Mechanics and safety principles of the Pilates Reformer
  • Anatomical principles of Lumbar Pelvic Hip Complex
  • Kinaesthetic Awareness
  • Core Somatic Principles
  • Application of Functional Movement Science
  • Pilates Level I Classical Repertoire
  • Pilates Level I Contemporary Repertoire
  • Group X planning / voice dynamic and tempo control



Book, pay and participate in Matwork L I/II and receive free the fully loaded and integrated ‘FIT CIRCLE’ workout / Group X class

  • Jaw dropping,
  • Calorie burning,
  • Ass kicking Group X

Your clients will love to hate you on this one!


Post Graduate PROGRESSIVE Pilates Matwork course:

If you are currently qualified within the Fitness/Holistic Movement industry and wish to add Pilates to your list of qualifications participate in our 3 day intensive course


  • Qualified with anatomy and physiology and 100 hours teaching
  • Participation in a minimum of 30hours of Pilates [Group X or 121]
  • A deep desire and passion to transform through movement


Graduate PROGRESSIVE Pilates Matwork course

We welcome people from all walks of life that have a desire to promote well-being [are looking for a career change] through movement. That they themselves have been inspired by participating in the Pilates System, This is our 5 day [1x3day weekend & 1 x 2 day weekend] course


  • Participation in a minimum of 100 hours of Pilates [Group x or 121]
  • A deep burning desire to transform well-being though the Pilates System
  • Attending or about to attend an recognized Level 5 or 6 Anatomy and Physiology Course [the PPA can advise on such courses]


Upcoming Dates 2017 for 3 and 5 day Matwork Level I/II


10th, 11th & 12th November 2017 (Post Graduate)

25th & 26th November 2017 (Graduate)


Course hours

Friday 10 – 4.30pm

Saturday 10am- 5pm

Sunday 10am- 4.30pm


Course Fees:

Level I/II Post Graduate Course (3 days):    only €795

Level I/II Graduate Course (5 days):    only €1695


All assessments will be within an 6 to 8 week period following the last contact day.

Anyone who needs and extension should apply to their tutor / faculty member in writing

  • Practical and written assessments on site at BODYFIRM studios
  • Class plans and worksheets to be submitted by email in PDF format